We recommend washing your garments by hand as it is recommended as the best washing option.

The best way to always keep your alpaca garment looking new is to wash it by hand. Fill a container with cold water and carefully submerge it. Use a neutral detergent, these maintain the appearance, softness and original color of the most delicate fibers.

Let it soak for no more than five minutes and then rinse it well, always using cold water. It is important to remove excess water from the garment without twisting its fibers.


Leave the garment on a horizontal surface so that excess water drains off, then place a dry towel well spread out (horizontally) and spread the garment on top of it. Next, we begin to roll up the towel, with a little pressure so that more water comes out. Finally unroll gently.

Now and helped by another dry towel, spread it out and put the garment on it so that it dries, do not forget to turn it over so that it dries evenly on both sides. NEVER HANG the garment, it will lose all its shape.

Alpaca wool is a very sensitive fiber, this type of garment should not be ironed. If it is necessary to avoid direct contact of the iron with the garment, use a towel on top to protect it.

Make sure your garment is completely dry before putting it away. Always fold and store them carefully to avoid wrinkles.

Make sure the item is completely dry before putting it away.

The second important consideration is protection against moths. Some ideas include placing items in a cedar chest, a resealable plastic container, and plastic tubs. Sachets of dried lavender or cinnamon sticks can also be helpful. We do not recommend the use of naphthalene.